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Twitter’s Awesome Photoshop Guy is back AGAIN and still hilarious

Imagine this: you’ve just got back from your epic summer holiday, only to realise every photo you took while away seems to show you with a neck the size of a giraffe’s. What do you do? Roll your eyes and hit delete, thus throwing your memories away forever? Or do you risk posting them into your ‘Lad’s Holiday 2016’ Facebook album anyway and risk looking like a bit of a weirdo? Eeeeesh, it’s a tough call.

Luckily, there is a man out there on the Internet who wants to help. A man with the Photoshopping skills to rescue your holiday snaps from the bin. A man with the power to make you happy again.

Only, it’s James Fridman we’re talking about, and he doesn’t exactly always use his powers for good…

James earned himself a cool 233k followers on Twitter after ‘helping’ people with their photoshopping problems. Now, he’s back, and making us laugh even harder. Here’s what he’s been up to recently.


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