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5 'British Problem' Tweets That Would Be Better As TV Shows

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The twitter feed Very British Problems (@SoVeryBritish) has been poking fun at Britain’s societal quirks for around two years. In that time, it has amassed over a million followers in the process and now looks to be developed into a television series by Channel 4. 

The feed will be adapted into a three episode mini-series set to debut at the end of the summer. Typically, Twitter feeds have not translated well to TV due to the fact that they're Twitter feeds but here's how we'd see the whole thing panning out.

The Tweet:

The Plot:

Two men embarking on the daily battle to get to work on time, realise that in the silence following their politeness that they can hear each other’s thoughts. Polar opposites of one another, one a bumbling record seller and the other a British Patrick Bateman, they strike up a telepathic friendship which eventually ends in total manipulation of the record seller. Dark humour. Very dark.

The Cast:

Michael Fassbender and Simon Pegg

The Tweet:

The Plot:

Endearing comedy romance of an old Yorkshire couple: bored of a life of hills, tea and weekend bike rides they embark on a vaugley sado-masochistic relationship based around offensive terms of endearment and the ‘correct’ use of flat caps. Think 50 Shades of Grey for the Emmerdale crowd.

The Cast: 

Benedict Cumberbatch and Kate Winslet

The Tweet: 

The Plot:

On a surreal trip following the consumption of magic mushrooms found growing on a rugby pitch, two men catch the sun. They soon realise they have plunged the UK into darkness and mammoth British irritation ensues. In an effort to put it back, they must convince members of the short-fused public, who take the shape of creatures in their minds, to help them. Many an awkward conversation is had. 

The Cast:

Noel Fielding and Stephen Fry

The Tweet:

The Plot:

In a Michael Bay-esque overreaction, a man must protect his girlfriend from the horrors of British summer. Suffering himself from debilitating hay fever, he uses a very particular set of skills, skills he has acquired over a long career to battle the bugs. Think Eight Legged Freaks meets Shaun of the Dead.

The Cast:

Liam Neeson and Keira Knightley

The Tweet:

The Plot:

A man of little grace and poise creates a technology that would enable man to literally pop to where ever he needs to go. A blend of Steve Jobs and David Brent, he embarks on a journey around the UK to get investment, culminating in an appearance on Dragon’s Den. Short tempered and silver tongued, his frustrations comes to boiling point with Deborah Meaden in a scene that goes down in history, making him an instant success.

The Cast:

Steve Coogan



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