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Twin Peaks Is Coming Back in 2016


It's been teased for a few days, but it seems that the cult classic Twin Peaks is definitely returning to TV screens.

The show's creators David Lynch and Mark Frost both tweeted cryptic references to the much-loved series on Friday, but now a newly released minute-long YouTube clip seems to confirm that it's coming back in 2016.

Variety reports, via sources, that the pair are working on scripts now, with nine new episodes due to air on Showtime; they'd be appearing a full 25 years after the second, and so far final series (bar a 1992 feature film prequel/epilogue Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me), which was screened in 1991.

It won't be a reboot, but will be set in the present day, with storylines continued over from the second season. The original series focussed on a murder investigation in a small town, with layers of seedy life being revealed as the enquiries went on; it's widely-cited as one of the best and most influential shows ever made.

Check out the clip below, complete with original-style graphics and that famous old sign.

(Images: Rex/AllStar)



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