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The 27 most hilarious X Factor moments

There's no doubt that The X Factor is now on its last legs. We've found all the good talent and everyone's realised that the only way you get on in the competition is to have a 'backstory', to constantly, endlessly, tediously bang on about 'journeys' and to tell the world for approximately 83 per sent of every show 'just how much I want this'.

But then, it has been going for 12 series (15 if you add in Pop Idol and Popstars: The Rivals) so you can forgive them for having run out of ideas somewhat. Let's face it, during the good years, you ended up tuning in whether you liked it or not, to enjoy watching Simon Cowell destroy people's dreams and laugh at Louis' latest weird comments. It was, by a large country mile, the most-watched entertainment programme at its peak, which meant you didn't have to think about what to do on a Saturday night any more.

As a tribute to the show, Twitter user IncrediblyRich has created this frankly astonishing series of tweets, documenting the show's most iconic moments. We'd forgotten just how many hilarious, stupid and ridiculous things have happened over the years until we watched these - and you probably have too.

Treat yourself and watch every single one of these, you'll thank us later. Number four is particularly special.



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