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This is why you're waiting so long for Rick & Morty season 3


The way Rick & Morty season 2 left us hanging was unforgivable, with Rick abandoning his family (albeit for the greater good) and being placed in a high security galactic prison for his many, many crimes against the universe.

But it was all going to be fine, because late last year we were told it would be returning 9 January 2017, picking up where it left off! YAY! More absurd adventures about an alcoholic genius and his idiot teenage grandson!

Although as you may have guessed already, Rick & Morty season 3 did not premiere on 9 January as it was originally announced, much to the dismay of its loyal fans...

So why are we waiting so long for the next lot of episodes? Well, it’s been reported that the show’s creator, Dan Harmon, ran into difficulties creating the newly revived cult show, stating that "It's been harder this season.”

Enstarz says that Harmon was only content with one episode, but the other needs modification and tweaks before airing on TV, declaring that a new level on conscientiousness was needed for season three.

This level of carefulness is hardly surprising considering how hard they had to fight to get a third season, as rumours circulated in November 2016 that the show was set to be cancelled all together due to low viewing figures, but a vocal online response ensured it was brought back.

So no exact date yet, but rumours have been circulating around credible sites that the Adult Swim show will air sometime in March now, as the team are in the final stages of production.

But until then, you have to get schwifty all by yourselves. Sorry guys.



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