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Dan Harmon reveals why we’ve had to wait so long for 'Rick and Morty' season three


More than 18 months have passed since the last full season of Rick and Morty, and people are growing more impatient than Mr Meeseeks watching Jerry work on his golf game.

Back in April we got a taste of things to come when a new episode – ‘The Rickshank Rickdemption’ – dropped without warning.

More episodes of the cult comedy were expected to follow, but we’re still waiting. However, co-creator Dan Harmon has now explained the reasons for the hold-up.

“Justin [fellow creator Justin Roliand] and I are very regretful about the season taking way too long. I want to explain ‘what happened’ because it's way less dramatic,” Harmon tweeted over the weekend.

In a lengthy Twitter thread, he explained the pressure he and Roiland felt to make sure the upcoming season was up to the high standards of the first two, which both earned ratings of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

“The reason S3 took long is because it took long to write, because it was S3 of a show that we were scared to make worse than S2 or S1,” Harmon explained.

The thread also plays down reports of fights between Harmon and Roiland, something he describes as a “less boring reason” for the delay than the reality.

Here’s that thread in full:


While you’re waiting for the third season of Rick and Morty, you can still watch seasons one and two on Netflix in the UK.

And if that wasn’t enough, you can relive some of the show’s best scenes recreated in Fallout 4. No, we’re not sure why this exists either.

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