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'Sherlock' writers Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat are teaming up again for a huge new BBC show


While Sherlock isn’t necessarily done yet – a plot has already been decided, though whether it’ll actually be made is up in the air – writers Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat already have their next big BBC project, and we’re already excited.

The pair are lending their minds to the tale of Dracula, Bram Stoker’s classic novel from 1897 about a count who travels to Whitby in North Yorkshire from Transylvania in search of blood.

The show will take on the same format as Sherlock – a mini-series of feature-length episodes, and if we know anything about Gatiss and Moffat, we can expect them to think outside the box and bring new life to the work.

Whether we get a modern take on the story or a Victorian gothic classic, what’s pretty much guaranteed are some pretty hefty viewing figures. Around 8.1 million people tuned in for Sherlock’s season four finale on New Year’s Day.


'Sherlock' has been a massive hit for the BBC worldwide, and now Gatiss and Moffat have another exciting project

While the pair are yet to actually make a start on the script, the project’s wheels are already in motion. It will be produced by Sherlock producer Sue Vertue, The Guardian confirms.

It’s not exactly surprising that Gatiss is turning his attention to Dracula. He has discussed his love for the story many times, including in a BBC4 documentary about the history of horror, and in a 2001 Guardian article, in which he wrote about the 1958 film adaptation.

He’s called Peter Cushing (who played Van Helsing in that 1958 version), his favourite iteration of the character. “He’s always been brilliant,” he said. He’s so immaculate and lovable, even when he’s playing the villain. He brings an amazing physicality, he’s got this real muscular energy.”


Christopher Lee in the 1958 film version of 'Dracula'

So who should get the role this time? Benedict Cumberbatch could actually be pretty good at it, but the reason Sherlock’s currently on hold is because he and Martin Freeman are already so busy with film commitments, so that seems unlikely.

People have been clamouring for a female bond or a female Doctor for years, but perhaps we’ll see a female Dracula before we see either of those?

We don’t even have a rough date yet for when this’ll actually hit our screens, but you can bet we’ll be ready and waiting. And if you’re in-need of a little bit of Gatiss on your box, well he’s confirmed that he’ll be reprising his role as Tycho Nestoris of the Iron Bank of Braavos in the new season of Game of Thrones, which of course is now less than a month away.

That should keep you sated for a while.



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