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We've discovered the character who ~actually~ deserves to be sitting on the Iron Throne


When it all comes to an end – the White Walkers are defeated, peace has finally been restored to Westeros, and the people have a chance to start again, to build a new and hopeful life – who do you want to see sat on the Iron Throne?

Do you think Jon Snow would make a good ruler? Maybe Daenerys Targaryen should be the one to take it. Tyrion? Cersei? Bronn? Gendry?

Well, the correct answer is actually none of these, because we’ve discovered the man who should really be sat on that – frankly ridiculous – seat, and we don’t even know his name.

All we know is that he is one hard bastard, and if I was unfortunate enough to have been born in Westeros, I’d want him on my side.

Here he is:


If you have eagle eyes – and we really do mean eagle eyes, like, the eyes of a literal eagle – then you will have first noticed him in Stannis’ army at the Battle of Winterfell. He’s just a plain foot soldier, notable only for his magnificent beard.

He next turns up in Jon Snow’s army at the Battle of the Bastards, meaning he clearly survived Stannis’ battle with Ramsay, despite being on the losing side, and joined Jon’s to have a second crack at the whip. Clearly this dude isn’t a fan of Ramsay Bolton, which elevates him even higher in our eyes.

Then, this season, we’ve seen him milling around at Winterfell, which means he made in through the Battle of the Bastards too. Barely anyone made it out of that fight alive, this guy has some serious staying power.

Of course, there is a a chance that the show’s just used this guy as an extra in a bunch of scenes, and not intended him to be the same character, but then if that was the case, why would they pick a man with such a recognisable beard? And the georgraphy checks out too. They know Game of Thrones viewers will spot every tiny detail the show throws out there, so we reckon this is deliberate.

Fair play, nameless bearded man, you’re officially one of the toughest guys in Westeros. Let’s get him on the Iron Throne asap – with him in charge, the realm will never have anything to worry about ever again.



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