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Donald Trump has gone full cartoon supervillain by hiring Mr Burns’ lawyer


We’ve reached the stage where it’s tough to tell what counts as satire and what doesn’t anymore, especially when it comes to Donald Trump.

Since his inauguration, the President has *deep breath* fired the director of the FBI, who learned about his dismissal via a TV monitor, called CNN ‘fake news’ *15* times, invited his daughter to sit in on political meetings, attempted to ban all residents of several specific countries from entering the United States, withdrawn federal funding from any organisation promoting abortion, appointed more Steves than women to his inner circle, wildly misquoted Sadiq Khan in the aftermath of the London attacks, and said a bunch of confusing things about a border wall with Mexico, including suggesting it needs to be see-through in order to stop people being ambushed with – and this is a direct quote – “the large sacks of drugs”.

When it comes to Trump’s premiership, few have been further ahead of the curve than the writers of The Simpsons.

Not only did the show predict President Trump destroying the United States more than a decade before his election, but they also got a lot of other things right.

Trump, of course, is not dissimilar to a certain recurring character in the show.

You know the type: rich businessman with inherited wealth, renowned for firing people, owns a big chair.


The comparisons between Mr Burns and the 45th president of the union might seem a little crude, and we’ll accept that to a point.

But Trump is not helping himself by appointing a lawyer with more than a striking resemblance to Burns’ own attorney, the colourfully-named ‘Blue Haired Lawyer’.

Now we’re just waiting to see if anyone reports back on Trump Tower having a Super Fun Happy Slide.

(Main image: Frinkiac)



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