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The actual dictionary just won the debate about the new female Doctor Who


More than 24 hours have passed and people are still angry that the makers of Doctor Who have cast Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Doctor.

All around the country, and even further afield, people are getting mad online to the point that some think Kris Marshall (Kris Marshall!) should have been handed the role instead.

But now an unlikely foe has stepped up to take the challenge to all those people complaining that a fictional alien can’t be a girl because of, erm, science or something?

That’s right, if you want to keep up the argument that the Doctor needs to be male, you’ve got a whole dictionary to go through.

We’re still bound to see people arguing that “It’s a Time Lord not a Time Lady’,” which is weird because a) It’s Time Lord, a species, not time Lord, a title and b) Considering how pissy some folks get about it being ‘Doctor Who’ not ‘Dr Who’, you’d expect a bit of consistency.

Merriam-Webster are good eggs, you know. They took down the ‘alternative facts’ phenomenon, they explained ‘dog-whistle politics’ for humans, and they even know what a sandwich is.

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