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Family Guy pay the perfect tribute to the late, great Adam West

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Adam West will always be different things to different people.

To some he will always be Batman, forever reminding them of that cheesy slice of 60s TV gold.

To others, he will be the mayor of Quahog in Family Guy.

A small group will see his name and think of Kostka Volvic from National Lampoon’s Ratko: The Dictator’s Son, but for now let’s stick with the Family Guy thing.

West sadly passed away in June at the age of 88, but Fox, who broadcast his animated alter ego, have found an ideal way to say goodbye to the much-loved actor.


Mayor Adam West first appeared in Family Guy’s second season, and has been a fixture throughout the show’s first 15 seasons.

The exaggerated version of the actor has coughed up a dinghy, stabbed the sea, and questioned whether his name might in fact be ‘Adam We’.

And all this and more features in a tribute video rolled out by Fox this week, showing the incomparable appeal of the great man.

Batman might have changed a great deal over the decades, but there will never be another Mayor Adam West.

(Images: YouTube/Rex Features)



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