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Aaron Paul's favourite Breaking Bad moments


Rapidly becoming the show that you'd be humiliated in front of others for not watching, Breaking Bad has entered its final batch of episodes with confidence and a steadily increasing fanbase.

In order to make those horrifically long waits between weekly episodes a bit easier to manage, we spoke to Aaron Paul, Jesse Pinkman himself, about all things related to the hit show. Aside from telling us exactly how the show will end in great detail*, he also shared his favourite moments throughout the entire series.

*this never happened

"Favourite scenes to shoot are probably the ones where I could let out my aggression to Walt as Jesse. It just feels good. He’s gone through so much pain, he constantly gets manipulated and he blames Walt for it. The scene where he shows up at the house and puts a gun to Walt’s head was, exhausting, but also very satisfying as an actor. He was this kid who had just been beat down for so many years and he finally tried to take control of it. I loved that."


"I love the dinner scene with Skyler and Walt when Jesse is in the middle of them talking about eating scabby lasagne. It was just fantastic."


"Hands down my favourite episode to shoot was ‘4 days Out’ which was Bryan and I in the desert trying to figure out a way to survive."


"And the train chase was so epic, it was great."

You can read the full interview in next week's ShortList

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