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Trump's Tweets as an emo song is so, so perfect


Trump likes his Twitter, doesn’t he? He likes to tappy-tap-tap away at his screen, not even caring about any poxy grammar mistakes because he’s so incensed at the disservices being dealt him. His head getting rapidly redder and redder, veins bulging, bottom lip protruding like a bed pan filled with hate, teeth grinding together with the strength of a thousand hyenas, tiny fingers thrashing about like pine needles on a sub-woofer. The rage slowly building to the inevitable volcano of fury as he howls “FAKE NEWS!!” at his defenseless phone, which bends and cracks under the weight of his steamed vitriol.

He complains a lot on Twitter, basically. Online geniuses Super Deluxe noticed this too, or more specifically, they noticed that his tweets sound a lot like the lyrics to an emo song, circa 2000. So they made them into one, above. And it is unbelievably amazing.

That would have legit banged in the charts back in the day.



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