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Holy shit, this guy is incredible at Microsoft Paint


Remember MS Paint? You used to go on it at school and draw things like houses? It was always houses, wasn’t it?

But no matter what you drew, it was great fun, although certainly not suited to creating major pieces of top-quality work or anything – especially considering you had to use the mouse to draw anything. But obviously, as with many things that are now obsolete and/or pointless, there’s someone out there who is still needlessly and impressively good at it.

Today’s overly-talented time-haver is Reddit user Toweringhorizon, and his talent is drawing intricately detailed pictures using just MS Paint. Just look at this:


Absolutely stunning stuff. Here are some more to slather your eye-juice all over:


Beautiful – better than most people can paint or draw, that. Not me though, I’m sick on paper as well as in MS Paint:


It’s a giraffe.



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