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This new dating site wants to use Nicolas Cage to find you a girlfriend


Somewhere out there, there’s a special lady that shares your opinion that Nicolas Cage’s 2006 role in The Wicker Man deserved to earn him a Best Actor award at the Oscars. A very special lady indeed.

The possibility that you’ll ever find her, woo her and spend the rest of your life with her is slim. No, let’s be honest it’s pretty much impossible. Yet there may be a new service on the way that could offer your tortured love life a glimmer of hope.

Cage Match, a yet-to-be-released dating site that’s asking for investors right now on Kickstarter, aims to bring you closer together to your Cage kindred spirit (Cagedred spirit?).

“The best way to find true love is to ask the important questions early on in a relationship,” the prospective site’s Kickstarter page states. “That way, you both know where you stand. But to date, no dating service truly offers a comprehensive view of the most vital aspect of their character: How would they rank the works of Nicolas Cage?”

The idea couldn’t be more simple. Sign up, add an image, rate your favourite Nic Cage films and wait for the potential matches to flood in (that is, unless you’re a big fan of either National Treasure or Ghost Rider. You’ll have a very empty inbox if you give those two full marks).

Just imagine the slew of awesome girls who fully appreciate Face/Off that could waiting for you. Or the super cool ladies that have a well-worn copy of Raising Arizona at the top of their DVD stack. Just imagine…

While you’re imagining, this is as good a time as any to revisit one of the best YouTube videos on the Internet. Enjoy.



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