This Is War exclusive clip

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This Is War exclusive clip

Snippet from the intense documentary

As kids we were told the first casualty of war was truth. Well, having watched the mind-blowing documentary, This Is War, we’re not so sure anymore.

A devastating first person account – in this case First Lieutenant Mike Scotti of the American Marine Corp – of life on the front line as the final preparations for Operation Iraqi Freedom are made in 2002, there’s no escaping This Is War’s brutal, unflinching and messy truth.

Far removed from slick Hollywood interpretations of heroism, This Is War catapults the viewer to the heart of the bewildering ball of confusion that Scotti and his comrades experience on a daily basis.

Not for the faint-hearted, This Is War justifies its Ronselian title. And then some. Watch our exclusive clip for a wee taster.

This Is War is out on DVD on October 4

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