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This "paper ball being lobbed into a bin" video is an instant classic of the genre


School was fun, wasn’t it? It was also sometimes quite shit, but it was definitely fun. Being naughty in class was a great pastime. I once printed off a life-size photo of my face and stuck it to my head, then sat at the back of the class in silence until the teacher noticed, at which point I adamantly and continuously denied there was anything on my face. What an annoying, class-disrupting, insolent little prick I was. It was funny though.

But that little attention-seeking prank was nothing on the chaos in the video I’m about to show you. This is a class I would have liked to be in:

You don't really have any time to become disinterested in that video. It's THROW, CATCH, THROW, CATCH, THROW, LAND, CHAOS. So simple, so effective. 

Also, bonus points for including two #GetOutChallenges – it’s meme overload. Great stuff from everyone.

Not much more to say about it, really. So here it is again:




Jordan Peele's 'Get Out' has inspired the viral #GetOutChallenge


The kids from "Hi my name’s Catrina" have recreated the dance


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