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The year in ShortList.com quotes


It's the end of the year which means that, like everyone else, we're looking back. And what better way to reminisce over 2013 than through the various celebrities we've been lucky enough to speak to over the year.

So here's a look at 2013 through the eyes of people who have more money than you. And us.

(Images: All Star)

"I've had people in urinals say "Slap da bass" while I'm peeing which could mean something else"

Paul Rudd, January


(on living with Adam Sandler) "His bed was just a mattress on the floor. Everything looked like the hotel room where Lee Harvey Oswald spent the night before he killed Kennedy"

Judd Apatow, January


"I could steal a shark. I would surf it up and into my beach house, if I could surf, and I wasn't afraid of sharks and I had a beach house"

Melissa McCarthy, February


"I try not to lie. Except when I do these press junket interviews"

James Franco, March


"I do a great impression of Criss Angel looking in a mirror but I'm not going to do it as it takes too long"

Zach Galifianakis, May


"I feel protective of hookers now that I've played one"

Heather Graham, May


(on whether he'd rather be hit by Rihanna or Emma Watson) "I wouldn't feel creepy for being horny from it if it was Rihanna"

Seth Rogen, June


"I worked on Prometheus because it was Ridley Scott. I worked on Pacific Rim because it's Guillermo Del Toro. I worked on the Rider thing, what's it called again? Because it's Nicolas Cage"

Idris Elba, July


"You know, Kiki Dee lived with me for a month one summer? She wrote a song there"

Jennifer Aniston, August


"I once left naked pictures of the entire cast in the props that were onstage, that one particular character had to go round opening all these little boxes and inside every single box was naked pictures of me and the rest of the cast waiting for him"

James McAvoy, October


"I was a bit starstruck when I worked with him actually, like my first take, he was on camera before me and I walked into the shot and I had a moment where I almost forgot my lines because I thought "I'm on camera with Kermit the Frog. I've peaked. It's all downhill from here."

Tom Hiddleston, October


"If Meryl and I get in a ring, she'll kick my ass. People don't realise that there's a side of Meryl that's just mean. You walk away and she'll just rip your dress"

Sandra Bullock, November


"They wanted to do Shaun of the Dead as an American TV show and we nixed it completely. I think it should be left alone"

Edgar Wright, December


(on Anchorman 3) "We go to Mars and set up a colony of newsreaders. Because in space no one can hear you scream or read the news"

Steve Carell, December



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