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The Rock is returning to Wrestlemania


There are two major things to take from this turn of events. Firstly, The Rock is stepping back into the ring. Secondly, The Undertaker is still in the ring after 25 years. 

The Rock announced his return via Instagram promising us three, but really four things:



Let's take a moment to appreciate the hashtag #SmackethLaidDownOnThyCandyAsses.

Wrestlemania 32 will be taking place in Dallas in April 2016 and they've booked their biggest venue ever - the AT&T Stadium, which just so happens to be the largest arena in America. 

Naturally, they're going to need some huge names and even bigger bodies to fill it, which is where The Rock comes in to save the day. Again. 

The match possibilities are aplenty. The Undertaker is set to retire this year, perhaps The Rock will take him down in his final match in the Deadman's home state. 

There's a chance that Stone Cold might step up to relight his old rivalry with The Rock, but then there's also rumours of UFC golden girl Ronda Rousey getting involved. 

The world of WWE is far from simple. Apparently at Wrestlemania 31, The Rock took a slap from Stephanie McMahon. Ronda Rousey, who was in attendance, was brought in the ring and helped lay the smackdown on Steph. And given that Rousey suffered a spectacular K.O at the feet of Holly Holm, she may be considering moving into WWE.

But all that really matters is that The Rock is bringing it and he will no doubt be cooking.



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