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Your verdict on the football season


You voted in your thousands at ShortList.com, and here are the results of our inaugural football survey

GARY LINEKER: “I think they all talk sense. The great pundits are the ones who tell you stuff you can’t see for yourself - Alan Hansen’s always been greet at that, and Lee Dixon has been very good in that respect. But I’ve been very impressed with Gary Neville, he points things out tactically and that you don’t ordinarily see yourself. He’s done very well.”


JOHN BARNES: “They’ve got a possibility of getting through the group. If they can get a win in one of the first two matches I’d be hopeful that they reach the quarter finals.”


PAT NEVIN: “Webb is pretty good. But when he makes a mistake, or referees in general, I don’t tend to blame anybody. They’re scapegoats. The people to blame are UEFA and FIFA. They’re making the referees look stupid by not allowing them to use the technology available.”


GARY LINEKER: “I’m for it and have been for some time; I don’t know why the governing bodies are dragging their feet about it. They recently opted against one device for the reason they couldn’t afford to implement it at every level. What a ridiculous argument. Does it matter that the ball goes unseen over the line in an under 8s game? Of course it doesn’t. It’s not about winning or losing at that stage, it’s about learning to play football, but when it comes to the big business of top flight football where every match is covered by 14 cameras, there’s no reason not to use it.”


PAT NEVIN: “I don’t think you can make any valid points of worth in 140 characters. There’s dangers in Twitter. Footballers like Barton could make themselves and also team-mates seem stupid, or self-indulgent.”


JOHN BARNES: “Well Alan Pardew has done a fantastic job. Is Newcastle’s high league position a better achievement then Sir Alex Ferguson [potentially] winning the Premier League? My vote would be with Pardew. Nobody expected Newcastle to surprise as they have done this season.”


JOHN BARNES: “Player of the year has got nothing to do with your team winning anything, it’s the fact that you’ve been the most consistent player, and I don’t think there’s another player who deserves it more than Van Persie.”


JOHN BARNES: “Without a shadow of doubt he [Gerrard] should be England captain. Apart from Wayne Rooney he’s England’s best player, he’s England’s most capped player, he doesn’t cause controversy, he’s a leader. He should’ve been England captain long ago. Scotty Parker is good, but he’s not even the captain of Tottenham so how do we know if he’s a good captain for the present?”


CHRIS WADDLE: “Personally, I don’t think he’s been good for Manchester city or football. People say he’s got this talent but we’ve read about him more in terms of what he’s done off the field. I don’t want to read about him filling somebody’s car up at a petrol station and paying for it. Mancini said he was going to be a great player; I’m still waiting to see that.”


GARY LINEKER: “I’d be supportive of a club wage cap, rather than individuals, which they’re pretty much going towards, but they’ll always find ways around it, so you’re wasting your time really. It makes sense; of course it does, but whether you can bring it into fruition in the real world is a different matter altogether.”


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Pat Nevin is a BBC Radio 5 Live broadcaster



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