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This chant about Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers by Thai schoolchildren is epic


"My biggest mentor is myself because I've had to study and that's been my biggest influence."

The words of Brendan Rodgers there, a football manager who knows how important he has been for the game. More than just a coach, he’s a mentor and icon all rolled into one, a mix of Bill Shankley, Nelson Mandela and Jesus.

And now, befitting the new Celtic boss, Rodgers has been immortalised with one of the best football songs you’re likely to hear. We’re serious.

The pupils of Thai school (deep breath) Triamsuksanayaiam have been singing about the Parkhead club ever since Scottish student Reamonn Gormley taught there during a gap year. When the teenager was tragically killed in his hometown of Lanarkshire in 2011, the ‘Thai Tims’ continued their vocal support for the Bhoys in heart-warming fashion, with this Rodgers tribute their latest effort.

Based on the Irish children’s song I’ll Tell Me Ma, it’s odd, infectious and brimming with enough joy to make even a dyed-in-the-wool Rangers fan crack a smile.

As Brendan would say himself, they showed great character.



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