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Introducing the world's most blatant handball courtesy of Preston North End


The clue’s in the name: football. Foot and ball. It’s a game played with a ball, and you use your foot to kick it. There are certain points where you’re allowed to use your hands, but let’s face it here: the crux is that you’re not allowed to pick it up. It’s FOOTball. Kick it, not slap it.

Unless you’re the goalie. But then here’s another rule: you are not the goalie just because you are standing near the goal.

This is something that Preston forward Paul Gallagher was not aware of. I know this, because the following happened during their game against Newcastle on Monday:

What's happened here is, Gallagher has forgotten about the whole "foot=yes, hand=no" thing and used his hands instead of his feet. 

As such, he’s gone and got himself a shiny little red card in return. Oh and a penalty. Which was nicely scored by Matt Ritchie (with his foot), leading Newcastle to end up on top to the tune of 4-1.

But hey, these things happen – I once booted the ball through the gym window in a game of basketball. Admittedly I did it for a laugh, and I got one, but still.

(Image: Rex)



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