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Football’s Most Awkward Handshake Snubs


Picture yourself as the victim of a snubbed handshake, that most excruciating and emasculating of social nightmares.

Now picture it playing out in front of a crowd of thousands, with video cameras capturing the agonising affair in all its high definition glory, allowing millions more to see the tragedy unfold. Horrific, right?

Well here are some of the most memorable non-handshakes the sport has ever seen. You might want to start biting your fist now.



Alvaro Arbeloa snubs Iker Casillas

That droopy eyed glare to camera says it all


FIFA official snubs World Cup referee Joe Fletcher

Just look at the Canadian’s swift swipe of the forehead, there. A textbook countermove.


Aston Villa mascot snubs Manchester City mascot

It shouldn’t be funny but it is.


Wayne Bridge snubs John Terry

Talk about burning your bridges…


Anton Ferdinand snubs John Terry

Another lesson in ‘how not to make friends’ by the former England captain Terry, here.


Gary Neville snubs Peter Schmeichel

A spooked G-Nev acting as though he’s just seen ghost.


Chelsea mascot snubs Steven Gerrard

Liverpool's skipper taking matters into his own hands.


Yaya Toure snubs lady with pink scarf

We’re not quite sure what Yaya has against this lady but with a strut that ice-cool we’ll just have to trust him on it.


Luis Suarez snubs Patrice Evra

You can see the mushroom clouds rise in Evra’s eyes from around the 2 second mark.


Spurs mascot snubs Suarez

Suarez had clearly been taught by the best.


Arsene Wenger snubs Alan Pardew

Touchline warrior Pardew - never far from a fracas.


[Images: Allstar]



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