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Euro 2012 Quiz - Part 2


If you've already made it through part 1 of our devilishly taxing Euro 2012 quiz then firstly, well done, and secondly, you're not finished.

You can find the answers here.

51. How many penalties did Spain put past goalkeeper David Seaman (pictured below) in the shoot-out to settle England’s victorious Euro ’96 quarter-final?

52. SPOT THE BALL. Here are three iconic England penalties at the Euros. Where did the ball end up?

53. John Jensen scored a wonder goal to win the Euro ’92 final. He later signed for Arsenal – how many goals did he score for them in his four seasons at Highbury?

54. Which member of the England squad represented Somerset at rugby, playing the No8 position – just like his father did?

55. For which other competition do the winners of the Euros automatically qualify?

56. Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo (below) scored 60 goals for Real Madrid this season, breaking whose record?

57. Roy Hodgson has managed four Premier League clubs. Name them.

58. Euro ’92 saw the CIS play after the break-up of the Soviet Union the previous December. What did CIS stand for?

59. Of the 16 countries participating in this year’s championship, how many have never won the tournament?

60. Scotland played two games at Villa Park in Euro ’96. How many goals did they concede in those games?

61. In 2000, which country became the first host to not reach the knockout stage?

62. Name the only two Euro 2012 sides without a player based in England in their squads.

63. Previous England boss Fabio Capello’s cultural pastime was collecting art. What is his successor Hodgson‘s highbrow hobby?

64. After finishing third at Euro ’68, England won just one European Championship finals game until Euro ’96. Who did they beat in that game, and in what year?

65. Until they hosted the tournament in 1984, when had France last qualified for the European Championship?

66. My, haven’t they grown. These fresh-faced hopefuls grew into the big names of Euro 2012. Name them

67. How old was England legend Gazza when he played his first game at a Euros?

68. What feat did Czech Republic midfielder Radoslav Latal achieve at both Euro ’96 and Euro 2000?

69. The England squad’s ages range from 18 to 32. Who are the youngest and oldest players?

70. Who hosted the inaugural European Championship?

71. Seven of England’s 23-man squad play for the Manchester clubs. Name them all.

72. In which year did players start wearing their names on the back of their shirts?

73. Who beat Wales in a two-legged play-off in November 2003 to qualify for Euro 2004?

74. How many finals have been settled by penalties?

75. The official mascot of Euro ‘96 was a lion in England kit. What was his name?

76. Which coach is a cult figure for such utterances as “Don’t say cat until you’ve got it in the bag” and “The players were weak like a bottle empty”?

77. When was the last time a tournament was played with no English-based players?

78. In Euro ’96, how many games did England play away from Wembley?

79. Who was the first team to win the tournament on home soil?

80. Aside from England and the Republic Of Ireland, which two other national teams at Euro 2012 have the most Premier League players in their squads, and how many how do they have?

81. Roy Hodgson has managed three national sides before England. Name them.

82. How many of Marco Van Basten’s five goals in Euro ’88 came at the expense of England?

83. How many London stadia hosted games in Euro ’96?

84. Which player has played more games for England at the European Championships than any other?

85. Who scored Greece’s winner in the Euro 2004 final against host nation Portugal?

86. Which country had the most UK-based players at the Euro ’88?

87. Complete this sequence: Beckham, Owen, Lampard, Terry, Hargreaves, Cole…and then who?

88. In 1992, ahead of the Premier League’s first season, only two Euro ’92 squads didn’t have a player based in England. Which countries?

89. By law, every tournament has to have one, and this year Group B is known as ‘The Group Of Death’. Name all four nations in it.

90. Seven of the top 11 all-time goal-scorers in Euros tournaments have played in the Premier League. Name them and the clubs.

91. How many of the squad at Euro 2012 appeared in England’s most recent European Championship: the 2004 quarter-final?

92. Every captain will be dreaming of lifting the Henri Delaunay trophy. But how heavy is it?

93. Who are the three Premier League stars in the Croatia squad?

94. In how many European Championship matches has Rio Ferdinand played?

95.“Oh I say!” Here’s the commentary that accompanied four classic Euro goals. Can you name the goal scorers?

A. Brian Moore: “Asanovic hasn’t quite got the awareness of this man but he’s found him quite beautifully. That is superb. Joe Bloggs – brilliant.”

B. Barry Davies: “Oh, that is absolutely magnificent. Joe Bloggs. What a brilliant goal. Look at that for a strike. How superbly struck.”

C. John Motson: “Here’s Bloggs. He’s still there. It’s Bloggs for the Czech Republic. And he’s lobbed it. Oh, what a goal.”

D. Brian Moore: “Here’s Bloggs. Bloggs, he can finish it here. Joe Bloggs, two-nil.”

96. HAIR WE GO. These are some of the ‘braver’ haircuts from past Euros. name the player and the tournament.

97 Who replaced Gary Lineker against Sweden in 1992 – his final England game?

98. England didn’t reach Euro ’84. Who topped their qualifying group?

99. The North American Soccer League popularised the sport in the US and Canada during the Seventies and Eighties. How many players at Euro ‘80 were based in that league?

100. If the shirt fits. Here are home kits of four teams at Euro 2012. Can you name them?



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