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New Making a Murderer evidence could prove Teresa Halbach left Avery’s property alive


Another day, another theory that’ll have the Manitowoc Sheriff’s Department tugging at their collars.

After lawyers Jerome Buting and Dean Strang failed to get Steven Avery off the hook for the murder of journalist Teresa Halbach, wrongful convictions lawyer Kathleen Zellner was drafted in to appeal the case of the Making a Murderer subject. Like a legal Rottweiler, she’s dug up a whole host of evidence that she thinks proves her clients innocence. But her most recent discovery could be her finest yet.

Last month, Zellner hinted that she’d uncovered cell phone records that prove Halbach walked away from Avery’s salvage yard alive. 

Now, in a new interview, she's gone into more compelling detail. Using tower triangulation technology that has only recently been considered conclusive enough to use in a court of law as evidence, she believes she can accurately place the final living movements of the victim more than ten miles from Avery’s home.

“[These records] document her route leaving the property,” Zellner told Newsweek. “She goes back the same way she came, she’s 12 miles from the property on the last ping…It’s really hard to figure out how in the world the defense did not seize on this. It would have created reasonable doubt.”

If this evidence is presented in court, it would massively disrupt the presumed timeline put forward by the prosecutor Ken Kratz and team that sent Avery down, and could ultimately cause the new jury to question his guilt.

Rumour has it that Avery should see his next day in court in the coming months. No doubt we’ll be hearing a whole lot more from Zellner before then. 



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