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All the clues that suggest 2017 will be the year of Daft Punk


Fan of Daft Punk? Of course you are, you're a man of culture - and you clicked on that headline. We're about to make your day.

If information shared on Reddit is to be believed then a Daft Punk tour is on the cards for 2017.

The French duo has made a handful of one-off live appearances over the past few years but they haven't embarked on a full tour since 2007. However, clues are mounting that lead us to believe that they'll hit the road again next year.

Let's examine the evidence.

It would fit the pattern


Daft Punk have only ever gone on two full tours: one in 1997 and another in 2007. It would be fitting that their next tour should happen in 2017, delving into material from 2013's Random Access Memories and their 2011 Tron soundtrack.

In 1997, the pair embarked on their first concert tour Daftendirektour which spanned from January to December, playing a total of seventy shows across Europe and the USA, including one Glastonbury's dance tent. Their forty-eight show Alive tour (which began in 2006, but the bulk of the dates featured in 20017) at venues spread over five continents.

Glastonbury mutterings


Rumours have been circulating on the internet for several months now that Daft Punk might be planning to make their second ever Glastonbury appearance in 2017.

If true, the performance would mark twenty years since the duo, who recently featured on The Weeknd's new track Starboy, last graced Glasto with their presence.

Daft Punk on the Pyramid Stage? Exactly what we need to eradicate memories of Kanye's Queen cover...

Leaked Lollapalooza line-up

A photograph allegedly showing the poster for the 2017 Lollapalooza Chile line-up has surfaced in September, listing Daft Punk as headliners.

Aside from the Frenchmen, the poster lists other potential headliners including The Strokes, Radiohead and Metallica.

"But anyone could have cobbled that poster together, it doesn't mean anything", you may well retort. Well sure, we made similar noises - right up until we saw this...

The Lollapalooza web page hint

In possibly the most concrete piece of evidence we've seen yet, one Reddit user pointed out that Lollapalooza's website features a dormant page for Daft Punk.

There's no information posted on the page yet other than the groups name, a fact which just adds to the mystery further, but it does beg the question - if they're not playing then why is it there?

So are we going to be seeing a return to the stage from Bangalter and Homem-Christo next year? Let us know your thoughts below.


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