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Ladies of The Event

Hooked on The Event yet? Channel 4’s alien conspiracy-type drama has the makings of brilliance, but also has the potential to ‘do a Lost’ and give us less answers than a labrador’s bar examination.

Fear not, for even in the most perplexed, painfully confused lows that the series will inevitably bring, it appears there will forever be wonderful women to ease the cranial hurt.

Take the two that have exploded onto screen already: Leila Buchanan (played by Sarah Roemer) and Vicky Roberts (played by Taylor Cole). Buchanan is the stunning would-be fiancée of main character Sean Walker, who suddenly goes missing during a cruise in the Caribbean. Fortunately she doesn’t go completely missing. That would be disaster. Roberts, meanwhile, is probably the best looking government agent-cum-alien hunter we’ve ever seen.

Anyway, check out our gallery of the two that have touched our hearts so far. And there’s bound to be more. As the season progresses…



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