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Jennifer Lawrence sounds exactly like Will Ferrell when slowed down, and it's freaking us out


Jennifer Lawrence is funny. Will Ferrell is funny. But that’s pretty much where the similarities end for two of America’s most likeable (and bankable) movie stars.


Because according to this shocking video, there’s another striking parallel between the pair.

Listen to J. Law’s voice slowed down to half-speed. Remind you of anyone? That’s right: Jennifer Lawrence and Will Ferrell sound exactly the same.

Now, we don’t think we’re getting ahead of ourselves when we say this is undeniable proof of a conspiracy that extends right to the very top.

Could it be that Jennifer Lawrence is just Will Ferrell in disguise? Or, indeed, vice versa? Can it be that there is only one working actor in Hollywood, and that they just wear a selection of different wigs to throw us off the scent?

Just look at this picture of "Jennifer Lawrence" and "Helen Mirren"



That, or it's just a coincidence. Either/or.



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