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Prankster takes fake, offensive book covers on the tube to see how people react

Have you ever found yourself peering over the shoulder of a fellow commuter, trying to catch a glimpse of their reading material? Accidentally leaning in a little too close during an exciting chapter, until they feel your breath on their neck, and it all becomes terribly awkward and – look, long story short, you take a different train now, and it gets you to work two hours early. It’s not convenient.

Just us? Well, in any case: whatever they’re reading, it’s nowhere near as interesting as these fake books mocked up by New York comedian Scott Rogowsky.

The books – with wildly controversial, inappropriate titles – are all designed part of a prank, where Rogowsky and fellow YouTuber Akilah Hughes attempt to gain reactions from flustered subway riders. Check out the video above, and some of the mock-ups below…



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