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This compilation of made-up swearing in films will blow your gosh darn mind


In the hands of some of modern cinema's best actors, swearing can be a near art form (see Mark Wahlberg in The Departed), wringing laughs or dialing tension with some well-aimed obscenity.

But while the characters of Martin Scorsese films can often be found dropping F-bombs left, right and centre, the true brilliance of cursing in films must go to those which don't actually use curse words at all...

Served up by the brilliant minds of Burger Fiction, Cursing Without Cursing is the filthiest cinematic supercut of cinematic insults you could get away with watching with your mum. Who, according to one famous line, may look like a hamster.

Featuring such zingers as McCoy’s putdown of Spock (“Are you out of your Vulcan mind”) in the recent Star Trek reboot, to Rufio’s verbal swordsmanship with Peter in Hook, crafting as much anger, wit and unique as any vulgarity. There’s even a C-word too.

That’s right, you cotton-headed ninny muggins. Now get watching.



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