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The untold backstory of Slimer from Ghostbusters has just been revealed


If there's one ghost that no one ever actually wanted to get busted, it was Slimer. Such is the personality and joviality of the ectoplasmic little spud that we personally were always convinced he deserved his own spin-off. 

And although the gods of Ghostbusters haven't granted our wish, they've given us something almost as good. Co-writer and director Paul Feig has opened up about Slimer's very own backstory.

Creating the story for his first screenplay with co-writer Katie Dippold, Feig has revealed that the spectre we know as Slimer was previously a famous gangster from years ago, executed for killing a waiter who messed up his order. Starting his afterlife as a pretty regular ghost who would regularly go back to the same hotel where he once killed a waiter, Feig claims that he was disfigured by the Ghostbusters when they caught him raiding the kitchen. 

“When the Ghostbusters come in, they haven’t quite tested their equipment yet, so they haven’t got the levels right,” Feig says. “The proton beams are too hot, so it blows his legs off. Then it turns him green. He starts to distort, and so he becomes Slimer. Then he escaped out into the world.”

Unfortunately the story didn't make it into the final film - instead the new quartet find Slimer in his usual gloopy form - but we're glad it's been shared regardless. And yes, we're calling it: it would make an excellent spin-off movie.

Just get to it when you're ready, okay, Feig? Thanks. 



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