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The new 'Alien: Covenant' trailer is here and it's properly terrifying


Alien is hands-down one of the greatest horror films ever made. Aliens is hands-down one of the greatest sci-fi films ever made. Alien3 is an OK entry into the series and Alien: Resurrection is far better than you remembered, actually. Let’s ignore the Alien Vs. Predator films, and probably Prometheus, yeah? They don’t really count.

So onto the fifth “proper” entry – Alien: Covenant. It shares a Prometheus character in android David (Fassbender), but this is all about those big old Xenomorphs that we know and love – it’s going back to basics. So far, we’ve had a couple of sneak-peeks and posters, but today marks the first time we’ve had a proper look at the naughty scary baddie. Check it out below, and make sure you open the curtains, turn the sound down and put on a nappy because it’s a bit fucking scary:

Makes your bum quiver, doesn’t it?

By the looks of things, we’ve got a stripped-back, lean horror film about man vs alien, and that’s a very exciting thing indeed. Also, we get a really good look at the new, updated Xenomorph, and it looks like a beast. If you were on the roof of a spaceship that was taking off and you needed to get in, you probably wouldn’t try and break the glass with your head. The alien would though, he doesn’t give two shits.

Alien: Covenant is out in UK cinemas on May 19th.



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