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Sacha Baron Cohen saves the world in the first full trailer for Grimsby


‘Grimsby: twin city to Chernobyl, Ukraine’.

Halfway into the first trailer for Grimsby and you can be sure Sacha Baron Cohen is about to do for the reputation of one Humberside town what he once did for Kazakhstan's.

The Borat star plays dim-witted local hooligan Nobby, who when reunited with his estranged brother Sebastian (Mark Strong) - now a super spy on the run from his own government after he's wrongly accused of going rogue - convinces him to travel back to the titular Northern town in a bid to lay low.

But when Sebastian learns of a major biological terrorist attack he must travel abroad to thwart, he takes his brother along for the ride, asking him to seduce women (the wrong ones) and shoot bad guys (and a seagull).

You could say they share a bond.

Grimsby arrives at cinemas February 2016

And if you thought that was good, here's the version aired on Jimmy Kimmel last night, when Cohen, or rather Borat, went on to premiere it: 



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