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Psychoanalysis of CGI will make you wonder whether every special effect is a penis


Psychoanalysts are big fans of spotting willies in stuff, but sometimes it can really feel like they have a point. (A point, eh? That's a sticky-out thing. Like a penis.) This YouTube video (tube, eh? That's a long thing with a hole in it, like a penis) by movie experts Digging Deeper takes a look (look, eh? Like the thing you do out of your eyes, which are in your head, which is a feature of a penis) at the world of CGI and visual effects, wondering whether something mysteriously psychosexual is taking place when we respond to CGI characters. 

While some of it seems like a bit of a reach (reach, eh? Like what you can do towards a penis), there are some interesting points raised (raised, eh? Like a penis). Enough to make you wonder what's going on deep within your mind next time Terminator 2: Judgment Day is on, anyway.



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