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Joel Edgerton's Guilty Pleasures

Joel Edgerton is a heavyweight actor in more than one sense of the word.
Remember he bulked up to go toe-to-toe with Tom Hardy in Warrior? Well, you’ll soon be able to see the Aussie actor enjoying another testosterone-fueled sibling feud when Ridley Scott’s upcoming blockbuster Exodus pits Edgerton’s villainous Ramesses II against Christian Bale’s Moses.
Not that Hardy or Bale are the only other actors Edgerton's been sparring with of late, having just wrapped on Black Mass, where he plays the tough-talking real-life FBI agent John Connelly to Johnny Depp’s infamous Boston mobster Whitey Bulger.
First up, however, you can see the Sydney-born actor going back to his roots for gritty thriller Felony, where he stars as a detective reluctantly thrown into a ring of conspiracy when a major incident he is responsible for is covered up by a group of colleagues including Tom Wilkinson's shifty senior.
Also written by Edgerton, the role could be his most blistering since he menaced the screen in fellow Aussie thriller Animal Kingdom. And to mark the release of the crime thriller on VOD and iTunes, we talked to the star about his guilty pleasures…



Sugar - cannot get enough of it. I just ate a jellybean a minute ago, and I'm planning on having more. I also love my chocolate. I don’t have a pantry full of it, but if you put it in front of me I will just eat it. And, believe me, my chocolate taste is highbrow, I like dark chocolate. Not sure about the new trend of infusing chocolate with bacon and chilli, mind, which is a thing in LA right now. No lie. Despite enjoying a relatively healthy lifestyle to get in shape for films, there's nothing wrong with a bit of American junk food either; so if you see me at a baseball or basketball game I’ll be enjoying a hot-dog.



Most of the films I don't want to watch at the cinema, or wouldn't watch at home, are films I watch on planes. I'll scroll though and pick out all the ones I would never watch in any other context than sat in mid-air. Everyone says that's when you also cry - but one of the biggest cries I ever had at a movie was at the cinema for Into The Wild. I was even watching a trailer the other day when I started to feel myself well-up. It was for the Stephen Hawking biopic [The Theory Of Everything]. One watch of that trailer and I already know I’m going to be teary-eyed come the cinema trip.


The last TV show I binged on was Hannibal because it stars two of my friends Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy, who I first met filming King Arthur back in 2003, and I just lapped this show up; loved it. But back when I was in high school, way before mobile phones or text messages, I wasn’t allowed to call my girlfriend at the time between the hours of 6.30pm and 7.30pm. That was a double-bill of Home & Away and Neighbours, so if I was idiotic enough to call her then I’d be torn apart later on. So I knew what was going on in those TV shows around the time, and made it my job to know, so, at that time of my life at least, those shows were something I knew about. It's weird, a few friends of mine in Australia have been on those shows, like Mouche Phillips who played Viv Stewart, and it seems the whole alumni of Home & Away and Neighbours are residing in Hollywood right now, but they’re all extremely talented and I'm glad to see everyone's doing well.


Now I’m going to blame the same girlfriend from high school for something else bad: she was the reason that at the age of 14 I went along to a Bros concert. It’s hard to call it a guilty pleasure but I feel guilty just talking about it. I was there all right, at the Entertainment Centre in Sydney. So yeah, any live songs from those guys will count because, to my shame, I saw them live.


I’m going to start by telling you about Hozier, who I’m really into at the moment - I was recently working in Boston and caught him live without knowing anything about him, and he was amazing. Now, one of my relatively unknown pleasures is listening to old Run DMC stuff. I narrowly missed bumping into Chuck D in a radio station a few weeks ago - I almost waited around just to meet him, so as soon as I got home I threw on an old album and loved it immediately. Public Enemy were another rap group I really liked growing up. Not sure if they count as guilty pleasures but I am still a hip hopper at heart.


YouTube is my dark hole. If I open it, I’m getting lost in it. It’s one of those sites that just will put a smile on your face as they have all that weird and funny shit. There’s a video I recently got sent with Darth Vader edited so he has different dialogue from other James Earl Jones movies. Some kid put it together these clips, so Vader’s walking through the halls of the Death Star saying [a high pitched impersonation of Jones: “I’m having the time of my life”. The other big win is the video of the laughing quadruplets, one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Four identical babies all laughing exactly the same time, it’s ridiculous and I’m embarrassed to even tell you about it.


US Tabloid

I want to murder all gossip journalists. And yet if I see a gossip magazine I can’t help but pick it up. It’s so weird, like crack, you can’t stop reading them. But believe me, as a reader, I’ll be flicking through it while fantasising about killing the journalists who contribute to it. Jokes aside, it stretches to the whole element of embarrassing other human beings, and for what? Money. That's not cool, and it isn't nice. I should probably stop buying them.

Felony is now available to watch on VOD platforms such as iTunes, SKY Movies, Virgin Movies, Film4 OD, Amazon Prime and Blinkbox; Itunes.apple.com

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