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Jesse Eisenberg believes there's room for The Joker in the Batman V Superman sequel


A Silicon villain.

For all the talk of Ben Affleck’s casting in DC’s emerging Justice League franchise, the real masterstroke might actually be hiring the guy who played Mark Zuckerberg as Lex Luthor.

Preppy, sarcastically tuned, and a relative waif compared to the beefcakery going on around him in Batman V Superman, Jesse Eisenberg gives birth to a new breed of bad guy, and with it one of the performances of his career.

However, when ShortList.com sat down to chat with the actor about Zack Snyder’s new film, we brought it to his attention that the director had originally wanted to have the Riddler and the Joker also playing part in proceedings. To which he told us he wasn't against the idea of having them in the sequel.

Don’t expect him to form any alliance with Jared Leto’s green-haired psycopath just yet though, as Eisenberg adds that his Luthor would still work alone: “The character has a really big ego, so for him to exist with any other person is difficult because he’s so eccentric and dogmatic – he feels a sense of envy.”

More on that in the clip below. Oh, and we also asked what Lex would think of the world’s real-life super villain.

Yes, Donald Trump.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' is in cinemas Friday 25 March



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