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Good Netflix reviews for bad movies


There's something for everyone on Netflix. Even for those who seem to enjoy films that everyone else hated.

After we found the people who shared their hatred for classic movies, we decided to flip the coin. Here are 17 examples of users who genuinely loved rather questionable movies...

(Images: Rex Features, All Star)

Grown Ups

"Brilliant film, daughter watches it every single night to go to sleep, would rate more stars if i could absolutely BRILLIANT"


Mission To Mars

"The single most underrated movie ever made. If you don't like it, it's because you're stupid."


Paul Blart: Mall Cop




"due to watching this movie once it is now my favourite movie loved robin Williams in it no one else could have played the part so well I also loved the song at the end of the movie and the message it sends would watch a million times and not get bored ! (AMAZING MOVIE)"


Safe Haven

"I cried so much at this movie. In fact, while I'm writing this, I'm in floods of tears. Such a fantastic romance movie with a great story. It's such a great combination of the bad and good. I would recommend this movie to anyone and everyone. Please watch, you won't regret it."


Pearl Harbor

"Definitely one of my all time favourite movies to watch. The disaster of the war sparks peak emotions yet the softening touch of the romantic trio, indulges you into depths far beyond any movie that i've seen, Michael Bay, surely blends the horrors of life at war with the war at home, inspiring work from an inspiring director."


Keith Lemon: The Film

"well i thought this film was brill i laughed all the way through wen u no his personality and his crudeness ppl obviously who av rated it 1 must b off there heads LOVED ITTTTTTTTT XXXXXXX"


Just Go With It

"This has got to be my favourite comedy movie. I was laughing out loud most of the time and couldn't even help myself. The timing is perfect, Sandler and Aniston made a really great job in what the beginning seemed to be a dull movie. If you want a proper laugh you should watch this, 5 out of 5 most definitely."


The Roommate

"this was a bafta award movie literally at the edge of the seat for two hours watched it over 15 times already but cant figure out why sara was moving her bed out of the apartment i thought i saw a cats tail under the mattress i could be wrong but after watching it 15 times it sure looked like a tail i wont sleep until i can figure this out any chance of roomate 2 coming out to solve the mystery of what happened to the cat"


Sorority Boys

"good movie the cast was good funny as hell i like animal house the best who know kevin bacon was in animal house i hope netflix has animal house for me to watch becous the cast is so funny"


Disaster Movie

"i Thought This Movie Was Hilarious Because Of The Many Characters Especially The Part With Sex And The City , lol I Couldnt Stop Laughing. Besides Im Trying To Get In The Acting Business, So This Really Makes Me Open Up About The Roles Im Willing To Play"


The Bounty Hunter

"i found this film very funny and it had very well known actors in it like Jennifer Aniston which made it more interesting. it is a little bit adult genre and the plot can be a bit confusing at times but other than that, its a great film. I recommend for 13+ but give a 5 star review. I hope this review is helpful to adults looking for something to watch with kids or just friends or older relatives."



"wot a brill film. defo one to watch. you just cant stop watching. great story. love hurt betrayall in one film."


Lesbian Vampire Killers

"Hilarous!! Made me laugh from start to finish. Was just plain funny. A film to watch with your friends :D"


Superhero Movie

"I loved it laughed so hard it hurt really goofy not that much raunchy to me and I like raunchy movies they had lot of gag stuff really fun a thrill for me to watch glad I checked it out i`m a very happy female."


Alone In The Dark

"This Was The Best Movie so Far In 2004:) It was amazing! I Loved It!:) It was Mysterious, Scary, an Alot More! Keep Up The Good Work Uwe Boll!"


Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2

"I LOVED this movie. It played with postmodern notions of deconstruction, en medias res, it tore down the fourth wall and the production values were excellent. It was exciting, suspenseful and it was a well constructed narrative. Also, Jeffrey Donovan is hot no matter what color hair he has."



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