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Disney has reportedly cast its Young Han Solo


Alden Ehrenreich - we’d say remember the name but fairly soon that won’t be an option.

Possibly because his first name sounds a bit like Alderaan, or simply because he’s a hotshot young actor with the smarts to pull it off, Deadline reports that the actor will play young Han Solo in Disney’s upcoming Star Wars prequel.

After a lengthy casting process which also saw Miles Teller, Taron Egerton, Reynor and Dave Franco – who recently described the process – screen test for the coveted role, it appears studio bosses are set to confirm their man as the 26-year-old who made his feature film debut in Francis Ford Coppola’s 2009 film Tetro.


By twist of fate, Ehrenreich actually owes his career to Steven Spielberg, who spotted him performing in a friend's bat mitzvah video. Currently prepping Indiana Jones 5 with Harrison Ford, who's to say the director won't be transferring messages between Harrison and his new protégé.    

Eagle-eyed viewers may also recognise Ehrenreich from the Coens’ recent screwball comedy Hail Caesar! and Park Chan Wook’s Stoker. One thing’s for sure – once his new role in the Star Wars universe is confirmed, the LA native’s profile will go from ‘that guy in that thing’ to megastar in about 12 parsecs.

Rumoured to be called Han Solo: A Star Wars Story in keeping with this year’s Rogue One, the film’s being directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (The LEGO Movie), the latter of whom recently joined in the “May the 4th” social media bantz by tweeting out the first official image from the production. 

Yep, Han Solo’s iconic blaster. No word on plotlines yet, just that it focuses on the days before he linked up with the rebel alliance and worked as the galaxy’s best smuggler. 

According to Deadline, we’ll also see Ehrenreich as the lead in Warren Beatty’s as-yet-untitled Howard Hughes project set to be released later this year.

At least we know which one he shot first...



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