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Adam Sandler product placement supercut proves he's Hollywood's biggest sellout


You almost have to admire Adam Sandler. Almost.

The sheer temerity, the cheek, the absolute brass balls of the man to pump out film after film that is basically an extended product demonstration for whichever company stumps up the cash to have him make nob gags and fart next to it for an hour and a half. If you've never seen an Adam Sandler movie before, Laser Time has lovingly created a five minute supercut of basically all of them.

The truly astonishing thing about Adam Sandler movies is they almost always do exceptionally well, even though they’re almost universally panned. Adam Sandler movies are impervious to criticism. Adam Sandler movies are to reviews what cockroaches are to nuclear war.

Adam Sandler movies have meant that Adam Sandler is now worth $300 million dollars. That’s enough to make a Hollywood movie and pay for enough cinema tickets to make it a box office success. Which would then mean you could get enough funding from product placement brands wanting a slice of your sweet, sweet box office gold to make another one, and do it all over again.

Maybe this is what Adam Sandler has been doing this whole time. Maybe Adam Sandler movies are just an elaborate pyramid scheme. Maybe nobody has seen an Adam Sandler movie for years. Maybe we’ve just uncovered the biggest scandal in Hollywood. But also, maybe, just maybe, Adam Sandler movies are actually beloved by a hardcore audience you’ve never met and never will meet. Maybe…



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