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16 reasons the new André the Giant biopic will be the biggest of all time

Big things are happening in Hollywood right now. Really, really big things. 

News that a biopic about 7ft 4in, 500lb wrestling legend André the Giant is to move into production hit us like one huge beautiful body slam earlier this week.

The “Eighth Wonder of the World”, who died 23 years ago from heart failure, without doubt led one heck of a life in the 46 years he stomped around the Earth. When we finally get to see his famous frame up on the big screen, we’ll be in for a monumental viewing session: there’ll be his legendary wresting matches against fellow 80s icons. There’ll be his roles in Hollywood movies. There’ll even be boozing sessions on a scale you’d never think humanly possible.

Brilliantly, the film has already been given a full blessing from the Giant’s family. “I’m really excited to watch this story come to life on the big screen,” said Robin Christensen-Roussimoff, André’s daughter. “It’s been a labour of love for everyone involved, and we’re really looking forward to making it available to a larger audience.”

Here are sixteen things that are sure to make it the coolest, biggest biopic ever…

Pic: WWE.com



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