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10 horrifying film fan theories that make too much sense to not be true

There are two types of human in this world. Firstly, the type that can watch Star Wars and enjoy it for what it is, leaving the cinema or sofa when the credits roll, ready to get on with living their lives the best that they can.

Then there's the other sort. The sort that stays rooted to their seat until the lights go up, wearing a scowl on their face and questioning every little detail their huge brains have just endured. There they stay, asking themselves every why, who, what and when you could imagine, until they can make absolute and complete sense of the 100 minutes of film that's just played out. 

Those are the sorts of people that have come up with these - ten of the darkest, most disturbing film fan theories we've heard.

Prepare for heroes with secret nazi sympathies. Get ready for Star Wars icons that simply aren't what they seem. And arm yourself for an absolute tear-jerker in one of the finest Pixar films ever made.

Spoiler: you'll never be able to watch your favourite films in the same way again. 




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