Family Guy meets Star Wars again

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Family Guy meets Star Wars again

The Griffin family feel the farce

The wait is almost over. The giddy, gurgly, pre-orgasmic, knee-knocking sensation is almost tangible. No, we’re not referring to the interminable drag towards Yuletide. That’s for little girls. This is all about Family Guy: It’s A Trap, the third Griffin family Star Wars parody, which finally hits all good shops, and doubtless a few bad ones too, on December 27.

Generously extracting an overcrowded gents lavatory-worth of bladder waste out of Return of the Jedi, the plot, such as it is, shows Chris (Luke Skywalker) and Lois (Princess Leia) attempting to free Peter (Han Solo) from Jabba the Hutt’s (Joe) evil clutches.

Throw in those cuddly/wretched Ewoks (the bears from The Cleveland Show), voiceover cameos from Patrick Stewart and Michael Dorn (Star Trek: The Next Generation), Adam West (Sixties Batman), plus Carrie Fisher (the original Princess Leia) and one will feel the farce indeed.

Anyway, enough of our yakking, watch the above teaser clip…

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