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Exclusive Fable artwork

It takes a special type of game to attract an Oscar-winner to its cast list. Fable III is such a game. One the actors lending their voices to the game (alongside Simon Pegg, Michael Fassbender and John Cleese) is Sir Ben Kingsley, who plays Sabine, the leader of the mountain dwellers.

He’s one of the characters in our gallery of exclusive concepts and renders of major characters who’ll be debuting in Fable III. Also included for your perusal are revolutionary leader Page, spiritual leader Kalin and your character’s mentor Walter Beck.

The game is a traditional fantasy RPG where you’re trying to overthrow a corrupt king. At least until halfway through. Rather than rising to power signifying you winning the game as usual, you’re then tasked with ruling the kingdom. Can you make a better job of it than your predecessor?

Fable III is released on 29 October exclusively on Xbox 360



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