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Hundreds of amazing games and films to choose from

Winter’s glum days and dark nights are made for intensive gaming. And you don’t even need to wander out into the cold to get your hands on the latest games, you can play what you want, when you want by downloading it from PlayStation® Store.

The same goes for films so if you want a break from gaming, you can choose from the likes of David Fincher’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Steven Soderbergh’s Haywire, Steven Spielberg’s War Horse and more.

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GAME: Hitman Absolution

This is a golden age of gaming, such is the onslaught of top-quality titles hitting the market. One of the latest is Hitman: Absolution, available to download for PS3 on PlayStation® Store. Agent 47 is back after six years away, this time facing off against The Agency while protecting a young girl. A perfect storm of great graphics, gameplay and guns combine to guarantee your spare time will dissolve. Stealth is order of the day, but with that many guns an epic shoot-out is inevitable.

GAME: Silent Hill Book Of Memories

Swap the book you’re reading for the Book Of Memories, the first Silent Hill game to hit PS Vita, and the first multiplayer game in the franchise. The game has an eerie high-school horror feel to it, as you take control of a character of your own creation and guide them to conquer all manner of creatures and puzzles.

GAME: Lego Lord of the Rings

The Lego franchise is a hallmark of great gameplay, whip-smart humour and a love of the subject matter they take on. It’s now the turn of The Lord of the Rings, with Gandalf and the gang reimagined as plastic bricks on the PS3 and Vita, as you bid to destroy the ring across all three films using 80 playable characters.

FILM: The Amazing Spider-Man

With nearly half a billion pounds taken worldwide, The Amazing Spider-Man was a hit at the box office. The aptly named Marc Webb combined dazzling direction, and terrific performances from Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker, as well as Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans and Martin Sheen for the perfect slice of entertainment.

FILM: Ultimate James Bond Collection

To coincide with the spine-tinglingly perfect Skyfall, Sony has released the entire Bond back catalogue, available to download on both PS3 and PS Vita. When it comes to 007, everyone has their own favourites and opinions, but Goldfinger, Live And Let Die, Goldeneye and Casino Royale are strongly recommended for a revisit. And we’d like to throw this out there: Timothy Dalton is massively under-rated.

TV SERIES: Breaking Bad Season 5

One of the best TV shows of recent memory continues to astound. The concluding episodes of series 4 elevated the entire show to the annals of “something very special”. Series 5 continues the darkly comic misadventures of drug kings Walter White (the phenomenally talented Bryan Cranston, a three-time Emmy winner from 2008-10) and Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul, who deservedly won the Emmy for best supporting actor this year). To say much more would ruin it for those late to the party. Keep an eye out for Bill Burr – one of the greatest stand-up comedians working today – in a key supporting role.



Digital Download

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Digital Download



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