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The new-look PlayStation® Store is your one-stop entertainment hub, instantly delivering games, films and more.

Set up an account to download releases and enjoy what you want, when you want.

New films include blockbusters such as Michael Fassbender’s Shame, George Clooney’s The Descendants and Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol.

Gamers can buy a huge range of games, such as first-person shooter Borderlands, basketball sim NBA 2K13, the great Madden NFL 13 and more.

GAME: Fifa 13 (PS3)

Discs? Where we’re going, we don’t need discs. With PlayStation® Store, games can now be downloaded and played. And what better game to download than EA’s FIFA 13? So addictive you’ll curse having to go to work or sleep, the detail in FIFA 13 is astonishing. Career Mode is a must, as you take control of an 18-year-old to become the footballer you still think you might’ve been. Gameplay and graphics are smoother than ever, possibly rendering the real game dull by comparison.

GAME: Borderlands 2 (PS3)

The original Borderlands proved to be one of the great word-of-mouth hits of recent years, and the sequel – again an action RPG – is even better. You’re a mercenary charged with taking on the evil head of an arms company, while chalking up missions for cash on an alien planet. This is rooting-tooting first-person shooting fun.

GAME: Resident Evil 6 (PS3)

Play with every light on in the house, possibly with some friends in the lounge, as Capcom’s Resident Evil franchise delivers its most chilling release yet. The gameplay is sharp, but it’s the grim-and-grisly graphics that really grab you as you battle infected hordes in the fictional south-Slavic state of Edonia and beyond.

FILM: The Raid

Like any classic action film, the plot is simple: a SWAT team get trapped in a building teeming with villains and have to fight their way out. Iko Uwais is astonishing as Rama, the rookie cop with a hidden talent for combat, while Welshman Gareth Evans calls the shots in fast, frenetic and relentless style; there is simply no let-up. Boasting some of the best martial arts ever committed to film, this is an absolute must. Bring on the sequel, Berandal.

FILM: Avengers Assemble

Not only one of the biggest blockbusters of the year, but one of the best films of the year, period. Director Joss Whedon is the film’s man of the match, somehow ensuring that Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk – plus strong support – all get sufficient screen-time, as the Avengers protect the Earth from scheming Loki and a team of aliens. Everything an action film should be: big, bold, bombastic and endlessly quotable. “No hard feelings, ‘Point Break’, you've got a mean swing.”

FILM: Wrath Of The Titans

This is pure entertainment. Wrath Of The Titans – available to download now from PlayStation® Store – is likely to have you sat cheering as Sam Worthington’s Perseus travels to the depths of the Underworld to rescue his father, Liam Neeson’s charismatic Zeus, from uncle Hades, Ralph Fiennes’s villain.


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Digital Download


Digital Download


Digital Download



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