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Man stings himself with most excruciating insect on Earth (and it ends painfully)


Quick game of Would You Rather:

Traipsing through the jungle, you encounter a bullet ant – known to possess the most painful bite of all insects (as per the Schmidt sting pain index).

Would you rather it a) stings you, releasing a venom so potent that you’ll convulse in agony for 24 straight hours, or b) you go and do literally anything else.

b), right? Of course it’s b). It’s almost rhetorical.

Unless your name is Coyote Peterson, that is. In which case a) is just too darn irresistible for a piece of banging viral #content.

As part of his Brave Wilderness YouTube channel, Coyote (Nathaniel to his mum) is on a one-man mission to be stung by the world’s most dangerous insects, and his latest find – the aforementioned bullet ant, whose bite is compared to being shot (hence its name) – has produced some excruciatingly watchable footage.


BULLET ANT CHALLENGE! Now playing everywhere 🐜

A photo posted by Coyote Peterson 🐺 (@coyotepeterson) on

While we’re still not entirely sure what’s in this for adventurer and animal expert Nath – sorry, Coyote – outside some half decent YouTube ad revenue, Brave Wilderness has amassed a ferocious following, with 604 million channel views in a little over two years. 

Previous episodes have seen Peterson get chomped by a tarantula hawk (wasp), a cow killer (ant) and a huge crab (huge crab), and while the bullet ant does sit atop the scary-as-hell Schmidt pain chart, the end of this latest ep sees Coyote tease the existence of – wait for it – an even bitier beast.

Watch this space, pain fans.

Meanwhile, head to the 13 minute mark to watch the agony really kick off – he deserves it really, doesn’t he?


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