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Bored of talent shows?


Meet a host of furry rockstars in the animated comedy Sing

Most people have, at some point in their lives, regardless of talent, harboured dreams of rockstardom. Whether singing in the shower or air-guitaring ’round the living room, most men believe, deep down, they could absolutely slay Wembley Stadium.

New animated comedy Sing is the story of people attempting to do just that. Well, not people – animals. From the studio that created Despicable Me, Sing follows the dubious fortunes of Buster Moon, a plucky koala showbiz producer who dreams of one day being a big deal. He’s currently a very small deal, running a crumbling theatre with the help of an ancient chameleon, Miss Crawly. He thinks his fortunes are on the up when he devises a plan for a talent show with a modest cash prize. However, a mistake by Miss Crawly accidentally promises a huge cash prize and draws a massive crowd of hopefuls, creating some very big problems for Buster.

A cast of A-list talent provides the voices of these dreamers. Matthew McConaughey is Buster; Scarlett Johansson is rocker porcupine Ash; Reese Witherspoon is Rosita, a pig housewife with popstar ambitions; Taron Egerton is a gorilla called Johnny who wants to swap crime for crooning; and Seth MacFarlane is a tiny mouse named Mike with a big voice and an even bigger attitude. At the helm is Garth Jennings, director of Son Of Rambow and The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy.

Download Sing  right now on up ­to five devices and watch it anywhere, any time, online or off, whenever the Wembley Stadium dream grabs you.



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