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The 10 most borrowed library books list makes for very macho reading

We always thought that people went to libraries to unwind, relax, and enjoy a few moments of tranquillity. We were wrong.

Data released today by Public Lending Right reveals that readers around the UK have in fact been enjoying the face-punching, gun-blasting, neck-snapping, throat-kicking badassery of Jack Reacher, borrowing the Lee Child novels from which he originates more than any other book available on the library shelves. Awesome.

The stats, which cover 2014-2015, give a great insight into the reading habits of the UK, including a near-obsession with thriller writer James Patterson, who topped the list for ‘most borrowed author’ for the ninth year running, as well as Coventry-born crime writer Child who supposedly sells a book every four seconds globally.

Here are the ten books that topped the chart, all of which should find their way into your hand soon (unless some blood-hungry bookworm has checked them out already). 


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