Bill Bailey exclusive

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Bill Bailey exclusive

If we were Michael Winner we'd be scared...

Comedians are a funny sort aren’t they? Yes, obviously we’re aware they’re literally funny; otherwise they wouldn’t be comedians would they? They’d be bumbling idiots and quite possibly a danger to polite society. No, we’re talking metaphorically. Where on earth do their tangential and colourful thought processes originate? Search us.

Take routinely hilarious mirth mongerer Bill Bailey. In this exclusive clip taken from his new DVD he starts to imagine assaulting haughty food critic Michael Winner with a cricket bat made of pesto – and this after he’s made a slight detour via winking ducks in the park. Quite simply crackers. But then his new DVD is entitled Dandelion Mind. So maybe that’s the explanation there – he regularly digests dandelions to feed his bizarre monologues.

Just don’t try it at home, folks…

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