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It turns out most Americans have no idea who our prime minister is

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The current UK prime minister is Theresa May. You should know this. She’s been “it” for seven months – really, you have no excuse. Neither, actually, should Americans – we’re sort of good mates, us and our friends across the way, so they should know who’s calling the shots on our end.

We know who their overlord is, so common courtesy would dictate that they should know the same. Of course, Theresa isn’t quite the bombast that Trump is, but still, you know – do your homework.

To test this, the market research bods over at Penn Schoen Berland carried out a poll to see what’s what over the pond. Essentially: it’s bad news – people don’t really know what’s going on in the UK. When asked who the PM was, only 43% of Americans got the correct answer, which is not a great amount, and the next most popular guess was *sigh* Tony Blair, with 9%.

Next up, is Margaret Thatcher, making up 4% of the answers. Now, you can see the cogs working here – she was prime minister, so well done there, but she’s not any more. It is literally impossible for her to be. This has been the case for a number of years.


Who’s next? Angela Merkel (4%), who, as we all know, is German, and rather busy with Germain affairs, so it’s unlikely she’s currently sitting in 10 Downing Street. More chance of her doing it than Margeret Thatcher, mind.

Then we have another tie – both answers with 2% of Americans plucking their names from the ether. First up, Jeremy Corbyn, which at least has a bit of thought behind it – he’s on TV quite a lot, after all. But then it all goes to shit, because the next person that some Americans think is the UK prime minister, is Helen Mirren. Buck up your ideas, you idiots – she’s the Queen. The Queen can’t be prime minister.

Oh yeah and then Gordon Brown next, with 1% – presumably the actual Gordon Brown was in America and accidentally took part in this poll.

Clearly, you’ll have noticed that all those percentages don’t add up to 100%. Well, that’s because 36% of people asked replied “Don’t know,” which is a very safe option, and stops you from accidentally saying something embarrassingly heinous like “Helen Mirren”.


[Source: Timesredbox]



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